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Built for Agents.
Designed by Agents.

We’ve combined personal touch with technology to provide Agents a
high perfomance Medicare and Life insurance Brokerage.

Let’s Grow Your Business Together

Ideas that never stop.

With our agency, you will feel comfortable knowing that our priority is doing what’s best for our agents so that they can better serve their clients. We have built our success on the success of our agents. We focus on providing outstanding customer service and equip you with the knowledge and tools necessary to help grow your own business.

Agent Support coordinator

Once contracted, a dedicated Agent Support Coordinator will be assigned to your account to help you through the initial contracting and onboarding process and to help answer any questions.

Your agent support member can also help you with the following:

Assist you with Contracting
and any Carrier Appointment

Ordering or downloading product plans and materials

Keeping track of your Insurance Licenses and expiration dates

Updating you on important carrier updates within your market

Keeping you aligned and compliant with all CMS regulations

Business and Marketing Planning

Our goal is to provide you a personalized approach tailored to your needs.

Built on trust, respect, integrity and results driven growth.

We’re frequently asked by agents, “What makes us different from other IMO’s or FMO’s?” That’s a fair question. One of the biggest reasons is our level of service, support, and out-of-the-box thinking. We assist everyone on their pathway to success by providing onboarding incentives for new and existing agents to propel them on the pathway to success.

Culture Matters

we work with

Our expertise is built on our experience of assiting clients.


What We do

We provide the best technology and tools so Agents can do what Agents do best.

Direct Pay from Carrier

Onboarding / Product and Market Training

Telephonic Medicare

Lead Support &
Lead Nurturing

Event Support

Virtual Agent Platform
Agent HQ

Business and Marketing

Mobile / Online
Quoting Tools


Custom Automated
Marketing Campgains

Steps to Becoming a Medicare Broker

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4

Obtain your State Insurance License.

Check with your state’s Department of Insurance (“DOI”) to determine their procedures and requirements. If you plan on selling insurance in multiple states, make sure to obtain their non-resident licenses in each desired state.

Get Contracted.

As a new agent, you’ll start by submitting your contracting paperwork electronically by clicking here. The insurance carriers will also require the following:

  • Copy of your resident state insurance license and any non-resident licenses. If you are contracting as a business entity include your business licenses.
  • Copy of your E&O insurance
  • Copy of a voided check for direct deposit

If applicable:

  • Copy of proof of anti-money laundering training (if you are selling life or financial products)
  • Copy of written explanation for any background issues

We will scrub your documents for errors and inconsistencies then send your package to each of the carriers you’d like to represent.

Obtain an Appointment and a Writing Number.

Once your paperwork has been submitted to an insurance carrier, they will review your documents and perform a background check. This process usually takes 2 weeks. Once the carrier has approved your appointment they will contact you via email or traditional mail to provide you with your agent writing number and your next steps.

Certify to Sell.

With your writing number, you can now begin taking product certifications.

Most insurance carriers require agents to first take AHIP (American Health Insurances Plans) Training. Once you have completed AHIP and carrier specific certifications, you will now Ready-To-Sell.

* All agents must be contracted, licensed, appointed in the state they want to sell, and certified before they can sell our products.

If you are still not certain and would like to attend a local informational event in your area, please contact us or RSVP for an event near you.